Why UAS Training?

As the implementation of UAS in public safety grows, the need for safe & integrated training is critical! Agencies need UAS pilots who have knowledge and experience navigating the National Airspace System. Our comprehensive ground & flight courses can take you from novice to proficient operator.

With experienced & knowledgeable instructors you will learn to plan and conduct safe missions of various types. Our UAS training programs are also recognized by aviation insurance firms.

Learn How To Become A UAS/Drone Pilot

Our expert staff of certified instructors will train you to be a pro!

  • Our courses train you to better understand aviation.
  • Courses include safety training to receive better insurance rates.
  • Our staff of instructors have thousands of hours training around the world.
  • Courses provide instant feedback for skill development and ability growth.
  • Linear progressive training exercises refine core skills in order to progress to more advanced course
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